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Liebert RDU-A

The Liebert® RDU-A intelligent monitoring hardware is an intelligent monitoring platform from Emerson Network Power that allows data center administrators to combine monitoring of the equipments, environment and safety of the facility altogether. Its flexible structural design enables the user to customize configurations according to the specific requirements of the IT infrastructure operations.

Item Requirement
Application location In data center or computer room, with air conditioner
Working temperature -10ºC ~ +50ºC Relative humidity 5%RH ~ 95%RH, no condensing
Working environment Dust: compliant with the indoor requirements of GR-63. No corrosive              gas, ammable gas, oily mist, steam, water drops or salt
Air pressure 70kpa ~ 106kpa
Storage temperature -40ºC ~ +70ºC
Cooling Natural cooling
Power distribution network TT/TN
Protection level IP20


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The Liebert ® RDU-A serves as the communication gateway for the equipment and the Liebert ® RDU-M solution. It intelligently collects and communicates data and commands, giving IT administrators a comprehensive view of what’s happening at the equipment level of the facility.

High Level Protocol Management:

1. Modbus 485 Communications

Maximum of 16 devices in an RDU module

Each COM port can support 4 daisy chain connection (need to be same device)

2. SNMP Communication

Maximum of 8 SNMP devices can be attached to 1 RDU module


•Maximum of only 16 devices can be attached to 1 RDU module. This can consist of all Modbus 485 communication or a combination of 8 SNMP and 8 Modbus 485

•If communication to 3rd party device, will need to get SNMP MIB File for SNMP comms and Modbus Reference Library for Modbus Comms to build driver. This will incur additional charges.


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