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The PS4875/25 is a wall-mounted, one-cabinet system integrated with AC and DC distribution units, providing up to 75A for -48V DC.

The PS4875/25 system offers advanced features including intelligent battery monitoring, remote monitoring and low voltage disconnection; and is optimized for fiber repeater station power applications. This is suitable choice for installation in region with poor AC regulation. In addition, there is AC surge protection provided in the AC distribution unit.



  • Data Center
  • Small Telecom Exchanges
  • Amplifier Sites
  • Fiber Repeater
  • PS4875-25_1_large PS4875-25_2_large



  • Providing up to 75A in one cabinet
  • Full current available to -58Vdc
  • Wide input voltage window and enhanced AC surge protection
  • Front access design for easy installation and maintenance
  • Optional Priority load function to support critical load functions
  • LCD display for alarm and components status
  • Optional remote monitor and control


  • Reliable operation in rural environments, where AC conditions are harsh
  • Easy to expand because of hot-swap rectifier modules
  • Wall-mount style saves room space

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