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Scalable, Efficient and Easy-to-Reconfigure Cooling Solutions 

Extending the Value of Floor Mount Cooling
Liebert cooling technologies give you the power to adapt to increasing densities at the room, zone and rack level.

Extending the Value of Floor Mount Cooling

For room cooling, there is no substitute for the Liebert DS.

The Liebert DS is the first and only data center cooling system to match its capacity to changing room requirements without cycling compressors, improving efficiency and reliability.

The Liebert DS also features the iCOM control system and operator interface that allows unit-to-unit communication to improve system efficiency, and an innovative maintenance-free blower drive system. It is the only precision-cooling system that can adapt to green refrigerants without swapping out compressors or losing capacity.

High-Density Cooling Adds Capacity Where Needed

The Liebert XD family of solutions provides supplemental cooling for high-density applications. It delivers energy- and space-efficient, waterless cooling to a zone, row or rack using a unique pump and piping system that provides safety and scalability.

The pumping unit ensures the coolant exists only as a gas in the controlled environment to eliminate the potential for damage from leaks or condensation.

The system also features quick connect couplings and flexible piping that allows coolant to be delivered to cooling units mounted above or between racks. Need to move equipment racks or cooling modules? Simply disconnect a flexible pipe and reconnect where needed.

The result is the safest, most efficient, most scalable and most reliable solution to high-density cooling.

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